I’ve been running Wordman Copywriting, and helping provide clients with the award winning copy and content they need for more than 20 years.

I’m a hands-on writer. When you brief Wordman you can take advantage of my expertise. But the advantages of using Wordman don’t end there. 


I can call in specialist skills from leading writers and experts whenever you need them. So if you need writing in a highly technical sector, or SEO, or research, we will bring you what you need, with the added benefits of being edited, proofread and perfected by myself

and my team.

So think of Wordman as the complete professional answer to every kind of writing need.

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Wordman Copywriting

About Wordman Copywriting

I’m Richard Mitchell.  

Through Wordman Copywriting I can  provide a unique service for advertising, marketing and digital agencies, and clients from multinationals to start ups.