You need professional business writing. Your business, agency or website is judged on it.

We deliver it.

For the last 20 years we’ve been helping businesses like yours get better results from their marketing, emailings, SEO, product description, DM, brochures, press ads and content marketing.

All types of business marketing and communication, with one thing in common.

They all work harder for you.

Financial Copywriting

  • Content & Social

  • Corporate Communications

  • Blogs

  • Websites & SEO

  • Emarketing

  • Brochures​

  • Direct Marketing

  • Video scripts

  • Presentations

  • Newsletters

  • White papers

  • Technical writing

  • Editing

We write:

...harder for your business

What makes us different?

We have a unique solution to your copy needs.

First, our service is personal. I’m Richard Mitchell.


I lead Wordman Copywriting.

I’m a copywriter with more than 25 year’s experience. If you have a copy problem, I know the solution.

But second, I’m supported by expert writers with every specialism you need. If I can’t write the perfect copy or content for you, then Wordman has the copywriters who can.

It’s a seamless process. You brief, we handle the briefing, the editing, the approval. You just get the copy you need.

Simply, on brief, on time on budget.

Web writing must be concise, readable –

and designed for SEO

as well as readers.

We deliver it.


Writing for print ranges from press ads to brochures, mailings and more. We provide 

the solutions


Tone of voice is key to your brand. We can 

help you define your TOV, and ensure your writing meets it.

Tone of Voice

White Papers

Writing authoritative white papers needs technical knowledge of your sector,and writing skills. We provide both.

Copy and Content

       that works... 

Financial and Fintech

Financial needs expert knowledge, understanding of products as well as compliance.


Fintech also demands digital communications skills - and understanding of online behaviour.


We’ve helped banks make money - and  fintech businesses launch, scale and bring in the response they need.


From SMEs to corporates, the B2B marketplace means marketing challenges. Competition Is fierce, standout seems impossible and getting response is essential.


We know the answers to those challenges, increasing the return on your investment in communication and marketing.

Specialist Sectors

Property - we've sold penthouses as well as studios, country retreats and hip urban centres.


Automotive - we've helped one of the greatest marques get back to pole position


Tech - you need a writer to understand technology, as well as sell it. We do both.

Sectors we write for

Whatever your marketing needs